Transform Your Life by Drying Food Garbage

Transform Your Life by Drying Food Garbage

The many problems of food garbage

For a clean home

Control odors and flies while preventing leaks

・Food garbage containing water rots easily and leads to emitting odors and attracting flies.
・Leaking from wet food garbage will soil your floors and clothing.

・Since dried garbage doesn’t rot, bad odors and flies are kept in check.
・And there is no need to worry about leakage.

[Drying food garbage prevents rotting while controlling bugs and flies]

Makes taking out the trash easy

Weight is reduced by 80%.

・Because 80% of food garbage is water, taking out the trash involves carrying that heavy water, too.

・And since water makes food garbage rot quickly, trash must be taken out on a strict schedule.

[The many problems of food garbage]

・Drying food garbage reduces its weight by 80%, making it much easier to take it out.

・You can also store dried food garbage for longer periods of time and bring it all out at once,reducing the number of times you have to take it out.

Make burying food garbage easier

・Dried food garbage can be made smaller by breaking it up into pieces.

・This allows it to be buried in smaller holes and helps prevent animals from digging it up.

Use it as organic fertilizer

・Food garbage dried with the food garbage dryer can be used as an organic fertilizer.
[Using Dried Food Garbage as Organic Fertilizer]

Reasons for Drying Food Garbage

  • When water content remains even after draining…
  • It is heavy and bulky
  • It leaks, has unpleasant dampness, and is impossible to fully drain
  • Has that smell unique to food garbage and foul odor of decay
  • Attracts bugs and flies
  • Animals like dogs, cats, and crows break into it
  • You can forget to take it out or be unable to due to not being home or because of time or weather constraints
  • You want to reuse it as organic fertilizer

All of these can be solved by drying!

Effects of Drying

Suppresses the growth of bacteria

Test Material: 50 g of our company’s standard food garbage and 50 g of dried garbage

Does Not Rot Over Time

Test Material: 750 g of food garbage and 250 g of dried garbage (created by drying 750 g of food garbage)
Test Environment: Test material was left exposed to the open air.

Weight Decreased by About 80%

* When test food garbage (produced through the manufacturer’s specifications) is dried in the PCL series for a period of six hours. Study conducted by the manufacturer.

Use as Organic Fertilizer

[Can Also Use As Organic Fertilizer]
[Effectiveness As Organic Fertilizer]

How to use as organic fertilizer

1. In a standard planter with a width of 65 cm (about 12 L of soil),add about eight paper cups worth of dried garbage that has been broken into pieces about 1 cm in size.

・One paper cup is about 200 mL.
・If some dried garbage is too hard to break with your hands, cut it into smaller pieces with scissors etc. or discard it.

2.Thoroughly mix the entire contents of the planter.

・Churn the soil once a week to allow air to enter it.
・Add just enough water to dampen the soil, then set it aside.(It’s best to store it for 1–4 weeks in the summer or 1–3 months in the winter.)

3.Add a covering of 2–3 cm of soil, then plant and water the seeds.

・Take care not to allow seedlings to directly contact the mixed soil.